The smallest detail

My husband has a strange obsession with the weather. Not the actual outdoor weather but the weather online, he loves to check the weather on the computer – I think the Bureau of Meteorology is his firm favourite but it is certainly not his only source.  He has also  tuned our Foxtel Weather Channel (yes there is such a thing) to our suburb so that we get accurate weather report for the conditions just above our heads.

This obsession with weather watching has caused a fair few minor arguments for instance there was the time that he was going to sand the deck.  In order to sand the deck you need pristine weather conditions. Every day I would look up at the very blue sky and suggest today might be a good day. Mr Pencil would retreat indoors check the weather online and say “sorry no can do today, there is rain forecast”

“But it is 32 degreees and there is not a single cloud in the sky” I would protest.

“NO, the Bureau of Meteorology says that it may rain”

And on this went for weeks until it did eventually rain because if you wait long enough it will always rain.

Our deck remained unsanded.

He has cancelled outings, rearranged holidays and planned parties according to  conditions that he has read on some weather chart. I often laugh at him while pointing to the sky or the fact that we can go outside and actually FEEL the temperature.

And then last week I woke up really early. I was getting ready to take the dog for a walk and as I reached for my jumper I thought I would check the weather on my phone. I am still unsure why I felt this urge.  Really, it is not something I have ever done before in the morning and I always wake up early to take the dog for a walk.  Maybe after 20  years of marriage my husband had rubbed off on me as I slept. I checked the weather and it said 27 degrees.

I was a bit sad that I could not wear the jumper I had planned on and I did think for a second how strange it was that winter was over so quickly and I hadn’t worn that jumper nearly enough.

I went for a walk and froze but reckoned that it was early and we would reach 27 later in the day.

When my son couldn’t locate his jumper I told him not to worry – surely he would not need his jumper on such a warm day.

At lunchtime when I left the office to get some food from across the road I commented on the fact that it was raining and freezing. I felt icy inside and out (the memory of me telling my son not to bother taking a jumper was making even my soul freeze) .

How could this online weather have got it SO wrong? Seriously it was freezing cold and teeming with rain. The phone had clearly said it would be clear and sunny. 27 degrees it had promised.

I checked again. Indeed it was 27 degrees in Los Angeles.  In Sydney however it was 11 and raining both in real life and on my phone.

Pity I had forgotten to check  that tiny detail called location.


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5 responses to “The smallest detail

  1. my 7yr old often asks me ‘what is the weather like today Mum?’ or if its raining outside will say ‘Mum, better check the BOM to see if its raining’. Umm Sweety, just look out the window you can see that its persisting down!

    I do admit that I check the BOM and yes our Foxtel is set to our suburb too, but I tend to only get ever so slightly obsessive over checking it during Summer and thunderstorm season (mainly so I know if we are going to have shrieks and screams from the kiddies as they don’t like thunder ;) ).

    So did the deck get sanded?

  2. Bowerbird (propinqua)

    Okay, I have to plead guilty here. The BOM actually *is* my home page. In my defence, the weather is very important to my work…….

  3. KJ

    My husband also has a weather fixation. This is a problem as we now live in a country where it 32 degrees with high humidity every day, so checking the weather forecast has become redundant. Or so you’d think. Husband is still checking the Melbourne weather despite us not planning a visit back until mid-2012.

  4. Every night before a teaching day, I’d check Foxtel weather Channel. Am a weather junkie too. Ours is set to our ‘Burb. Also been known to, ahem, use “others cities” forecasts ( it’s the red button first, then the yellow should you ever be curious) prior to travel.
    But, you know what? Sometimes I think even the meteorologists chuck a dart at the board labelled; WET. SUNNY. CHANCE OF RAIN…
    but the location thingy… It’s annoying isn’t it that our iPhones etc tell us where they THINK we are. According to one of my I thingies I’m located in Armidale now.

  5. Lovely post Lana. :) I totally understand the weather fascination- my own husband reckons that the BOM radar is my home page. I blame two years in Montreal, where the weather really is astonishing- in 6 months it goes from -40 C to +40 C. During winter, whoever got up first would go downstairs, turn on the weather channel and check the stats, then go back up to wake the other up by making them guess what low it got down to overnight (average in winter was -28 C) and how many cm or feet of snow had fallen. Hours of entertainment!

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