I went away with two pairs of inappropriate shoes…and not much else

I am possibly not the best traveller on earth and the weekend may be proof of that. I was going to Brisbane for just one night. That shouldn’t have been too difficult – only one change of clothes needed and well, not much more

Except there is more. For instance if you are going away for a night you should take a toothbrush and toothpaste. I forgot both.  I was incredibly grateful that housekeeping were able to supply these essentials, possibly not as grateful as the people that I spoke to during the day. Although to be honest I am not sure that the white stuff in the tube they provided me was in fact toothpaste because it tasted distinctly like soap.

Even though I seemed to have forgotten about basic hygiene I had remembered to pack an outfit for the function I was attending and I just loved it. In my head. On a skinny model with toned limbs it would have looked great, And on somebody who was not intent on wearing flouro pink tights in 27 degree weather with over 70% humidity.

I had thought very carefully about my footwear and I had the perfect shoes.  Except these shoes were in my mind not in my cupboard and certainly not in my overnight bag.  I had brought a beautiful turquoise dress, quite smart but not over the top – it neither went with the converse sneakers that I had brought nor the brown ankle boots.  Especially when I realised that I should forget the fluoro pink tights. Nothing was going to go with those.  Ever

And if my packing debacle wasn’t bad enough I also never got to grips with the time change. Or in fact the time. I woke up at 6am worrying about the toothpaste. Except I think it was 5am. I tried to go back to sleep but that was hard because I was worried that I wouldn’t wake up again.

So I read and I relaxed except I didn’t relax because the next thing I looked at my watch and it was 8:30 and I was being collected at 9:00 so I hurriedly showered and did my hair and threw on about 1kg of make up. My husband called to say good morning and reminded me that it was actually 7:30 in Brisbane.  Great, more time to worry about my shoes.

I texted Mia a picture of my shoe dilemma because I was afraid she was going to laugh when she saw me (we were travelling together). I wanted to prepare her and it was now 8:55 and I was meeting her at 9:00.  She reminded me that we were meeting at 9:45 and stopped short of telling me to buy new shoes. But I was excited about the extra 45 minutes I had acquired and thought I would do just that – shop. Perfect. There were loads of shoe shops downstairs. Except they were all closed.

So there I was in a beautiful dress with hairy, white legs and ankle boots. My breath smelled of soap and I needed to sleep.

The best part is nobody noticed – all they saw was that I had left my singlet behind and my dress was very low cut. Very.


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4 responses to “I went away with two pairs of inappropriate shoes…and not much else

  1. Mia Freedman

    PS – those flouro tights were a bridge too far. Give them to Kate Hunter for when she does the Walking School Bus and needs to wear a safety vest.

  2. Mia Freedman

    Every time I travel I forget something. It’s almost become a game: what will it be this time. Once it was a dress. Other times everything from deodorant to tampons. I just can’t seem to manage to bring everything at once.

    Lana – you looked great. Even if I could see your boobies every time you leaned forward.

  3. Without fail I leave behind my toothbrush and toothpaste every time I travel…I now have a collection of small tubes of crap toothpaste and mini toothbrushes that stay behind in my bathroom drawer and mock me when i’m many kilometres away…im sure you looked fab and very cutting edge

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