Lana Hirschowitz – Freelance Writer, Blogger and Social Media Expert

After spending 5 years working on the largest independent website for women in Australia (at Mamamia) and then launching iVillage in Australia I know a thing or two about writing and social media. Hopefully I can use it for good…..

If you want to talk to me about social media, get me to write you some words or just have a chat send me an email on lana@sharpestpencil.com.au.

Oh and while you are online you can follow me on Twitter here and like my Facebook page here


12 responses to “About

  1. Hi Lan, you are so clever, do u do this for other businesses? Erit

  2. Janey

    Long time stalker across 2 websites. First ever contact. Just wanted to say….Hi!I feel like I’m home.

  3. I love to stumble across other Sydney bloggers. Look Mrs Woog is here too… *waving*, it’s a party :) I agree with Mrs Woog, I am not grown up enough for the responsibilties of a fluffy pencil.

  4. babyface

    53 and still not there yet…….

  5. Jenny Berich

    As the sharpest pencil of all, I thought you would be interested in the following gallery:


  6. jo1foster

    I am pleased to see you walk dogs :)
    I do love dogs…

  7. What colour pencil are you? I am picturing vermillion..

    At our Galmatic garage we describe ourselves as cars – I am a 1955 Ford thunderbird painted ice blue!

  8. I still think I am not mature enough to own a dog. I have two kids but cannot take the responsibility of dog ownership on. That is for grown-ups. Great to find your blog.

  9. Ha HA! “Fluffy Pencil” just made me laugh and snort water up my nose. Love it. And love your blog.

  10. So wonderful to meet someone else who has no idea what they want to be when they grow up. Tell me…any clues as to how we will know when we HAVE grown up?

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